About EIA

The Equine Industry Association Inc. (EIA) is a not for profit, incorporated society and was formed in September 2013 by founding members Alice Nunn (Lawyer), Chelsey Hawthorn (Banker) and Briar Carr (Accountant). 

The purpose of the EIA is to facilitate a forum for discussion, networking and to provide business management guidance and education relating to matters specific to equine industry. The value for members is that EIA offers these services in one cohesive organisation.

Alice, Chelsey and Briar’s personal interest and experiences, combined with their cumulative professional involvement with equine has created their mutual drive to support the industry’s continued wellbeing and growth.
The committee regularly consults EIA members and other industry organisations to research the current issues that are affecting members and the equine industry as a whole. This information is used by the committee to determine the events that should be held and/or publications written and circulated to members.

EIA members are also encouraged to directly approach the committee to advise and discuss issues arising in the industry that they think need consideration. Visit our EIA events page to view what events are coming up.